Февраль 24, 2013

1 in The Sun at 189 pounds, Gervie swept the Carroll County,

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Until that point, everywhere I ed I just used Lonely Planet guide books, done the research myself, or even just gone to the place and figured it out once I was there. But they sent us to these sterile, stuffy hotels, with very little exposure to the local culture. It was pretty disappointing..


Февраль 23, 2013

Vacation home rentals are the perfect solution

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Although there are a wide selection of hotels, resorts and motels that are available in Victoria, many of the travelers who come in here try to get accommodations in vacation rentals as this way they can enjoy a longer stay to truly sample the local goodness and cultural richness of this picturesque place. Vacation home rentals are the perfect solution, especially when you are traveling with children. Such rental properties are also the right type of accommodations for family reunions where you can meet up with all your near and dear ones under the convenience of a home away from home..


Февраль 22, 2013

The seminar will cover topics such as awareness

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This multi screen installation offers Los Angeles audiences their first view of videos from Caribbean Pirates, the McCarthy studio’s sprawling survey of the pirate figure in American popular culture. As originally shown in 2005 at Munich’s Haus der Kunst, the manic, typically bawdy work collaged video projections with large scale sculptures, props, and film sets including a full scale pirate frigate and a 1970s era houseboat. Different incarnations of this scabrous examination of the pirate as a symbol of invasion, plunder and depravity have since been presented at several other major European venues to vast critical and popular acclaim.


Февраль 12, 2013

По цветам рассчитайсь!

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Не так давно заметила у нас манию: раскладывать все по цветам. Видимо, все пошло с блоков Дьенеша.
А сегодня нам привезли просто огромный конструктор Megabloks (160 штук!) — и то же самое: башня желтых, кучка красных 🙂.

Февраль 9, 2013

A police helicopter circled overhead crowds of protesters

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pomeranz lead red sox past kluber

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