Март 31, 2013

We both prefer our sessions to be «faster

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The first time I ever had to get help with a flat tire, I was in the middle of nowhere and two guys stopped and asked if I needed some help. I explained that I had AAA, but no phone signal in the area, so they got into my trunk and changed the tire for me. When I thanked them for all of their help, the older of the two said, «It helps to have a man around when something happens like this.


Март 25, 2013

It was followed by a thumping down the length of the staircase

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People also forget, it seems, the start Hedman had for the Lightning this season. He had a goal in each of the first three games, and seven points in total, before breaking a finger while blocking a shot in Vancouver. He was sidelined for more than a month, and when he did come back it was not with the same offensive pace, but he did enjoy another strong season..


Kontroll mener jeg noe beskytte seg fra ikke elementer

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The task of writing a movie treatment is not as intimidating as it may seem. Writing a movie treatment involves a lot of hard work, steadfast perseverance and at least a bit of inherent flair for creative writing. Compared to the huge rewards, all these seem too trivial.


Март 16, 2013

Add the beans and cook for a further 3 minutes

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A temporary bypass road has been under construction this summer to keep traffic moving during the closure. It connects the highway to 268th Street NW. Westbound travelers are expected to turn right on 36th Avenue NW, left on 268th Street NW and then reconnect to the highway via the bypass road.


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