Июль 14, 2015

She was looking for an ally to take him on to show there were

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Easy on the eyes but not having to tote around anything bigger like a tablet. The size you can still slip into your pocket. Tablet, you cant. Luckily, my family member came to her senses and had a tubal after 4, but the entire situation irked me so much.Poor is a man who works all day taking apart tires, by hand, for very little money. It is backbreaking work, what he does. I watch this is Afghanistan, one day, this poor man.


Июль 12, 2015

All consecutive patients requesting a same day appointment in

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This card doesn even fit that slot though. This is a card that screams «unplayable without Platinum Angel effects.» I totally get cards being super strong together, but there has to be variety. Not just «hey, I thought it would be funny to make a card that let everyone lose so technically it a draw but not really.» No out of box thinking was even attempted here.


Июль 5, 2015

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I don know if the team on paper was a Stanley Cup winner but the year I thought things set up for us really well was 2011 2012. We were the 1 seed going up against the 8 seeded Kings in round 2. Clearly, the Kings were a great team, they won the Cup, but look at the way things shook out: On the other side of the Western Conf bracket were the Coyotes and Preds (before their ascension).


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