Июль 2, 2015

We would welcome it if they did

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You have to force «real life» norms and rules into «social media life». The lack of face to face makes people bolder than they would be and it leads to incivility. It our problem as a community to evolve through and figure out. And a bit more info for those of you that think you may want to participate. These guidelines will be posted somewhere on the main site as well, and may evolve a bit over time as we see what works and what doesn’t with this account, but for now:This twitter account is an opportunity for our users to get their voices heard through a new medium. Volunteers staff will be updating occasionally, highlighting quotes from posts at our message boards, but hopefully the bulk of tweets will come from users directly I’m imagining this as an informal dildos dildos, 140 character version of the «In Your Own Words» section of the main site.


He was basing everything he did on a pretty limited number of

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Three of the seven top clubs that figure in the District Super Division League are from the coastal areas. These are the Coastal Club, Valiyathura, St. George Club, Kochuveli, and St. I discovered that the airship was part of an 11 strong fleet owned by the Virgin Group (the rest are in the US and continental Europe). Apparently, Virgin’s buccaneering boss occasionally uses them for water skiing. «I know he’s done it in the Mediterranean, off Los Angeles and somewhere near Rickmansworth,» my pilot mused.


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