Laughter lifts spirits among bushfire survivors

Laughter lifts spirits among bushfire survivors. Photo: Supplied

He said that while some residents had left their homes, some others who had remained were leaving their homes in the bush, trying to help their neighbours out, to call on the public for assistance.

media_camera Smoke rises from a blaze in Nandosville, West Kootenay and Peebles County. Picture: Jason Connelly, AFR

Mr Worswick said the fires had threatened to engulf Nandosville, Warkworth and Wootenaw, near the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

He was hopeful the firefighters in the helicopter helicopters or on boats would be able to reach many affected areas.

«They haven’t been able to access the areas where the fire is burning, but what we do know for sure is these fires, the bushfires of the past, are not going away,» he said.

«They are going to impact communities in many different ways.»

The fire was raging near the town of Peebles, some 500 metres away, when firefighters from nearby Crowsnest Drive arrived at 7.30am.

media_camera Smoke from an aerial image of Fort Koyukup after a bushfire caused widespread damage in M카지노 사이트ount Burt in Western Australia. Picture: Jason Connelly, AFR

media_camera An aerial view shows damage near Fort Koyukup, in Western Australia. Picture: Jason Connelly, AFR

«We haven’t managed to save the town in any of the way the community has done, so we’re trying to rebuild as a unit, and work through what we can do here,» Mr Worswick said.

«But right now, there is massive damage caused to all areas as well.»

But he said the fire was much larger thgospelhitzan the numbers of people living in the bush at the moment, which suggested the area had been the site of some of the most intense bushfires in Western Australia.

He said the fires were causing serious financial consequences for local residents who had lost everything and had lost their vehicles.

«These fires are going to take all our community resources and we’re trying to move them as quickly as possible,» he said.

media_camera More thagospelhitzn 600 people have been displaced in the Warkworth and Peebles fires. Picture: Jason Connelly, AFR

«We’ve got people that have lived in our community for several generations — who are leaving us

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