Nrn anthrax warning

Nrn anthrax warning.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the spores have been confirmed in six states and in one region of Canada.

Agriculture and industry representatives told ABC News that the cases in the U.S. are the latest in a string of cases of possible anthrax exposure among U.S. military personnel. An August 2012 report by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security said that there were 13 possible exposure cases among military personnel since 2008.

The Army said that since 2003, it has received 17 anthrax cases. Of the 17, six were in the United States; four were in Europe, one in Canada, and the last was in the Philippines. It’s unclear why no one fell ill, the Army said.

An Army spokesman said that «in light of the recent exposure of 보성출장샵U.S. military personnel to anthrax-like material, the Army’s response to it has changed to include more sophisticated technology to protect the military from anthrax» since 2012.

«The Army continues to ensure the safety and security of all its resources.»

At least nine U.S. military personnel have reported anthrax contamination to the Army this year, including Army Captain Craig Sager, a Navy lieutenant and Air Force lieutenant commander, and a number of others who were at Iraq and Afghanistan and Iraq and Afghanistan bases, the Army said.

The Army confirmed Friday that the first U.S. case of anthrax exposure to a U.S. military soldier since August 2012 is soldier Joseph S. Johnson, a member of the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, 4th Infantry Division. The Army did not name any other U.S. soldiers who may have had exposure to anthrax before that.

The Army confirmed that it is looking into the death of the Army employee who received the anthrax. The Army said that a member 포커of the soldier’s squad was ill for a few days.

The medical examiner confirmed that Johnson died on Wednesday. The cause of death, if any, has not yet been determined, Army spokeswoman Cynthia L. Burkhart said.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley issued an executive order Friday saying the U.S. government will not accept a recommendation from the United Kingdom’s Joint Medical Expert Group that there is cause to suspect anthrax in the soldier’s case. The committee said in its report that it expects to여수안마 release a report in the next few days on the incident.

The committee said that whil

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