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James and I had a bad breakup and I started dating someone else

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replica handbags online In hindsight, I think he tried all sorts of ways to make me realise that he wasn’t ready and I just wanted to give up, so maybe it wasn’t actually cheating.’At first I was really upset and didn’t want to see him ever again.’Then something happened in his life, his best friend passed away at 27, and I knew what it meant to him. So I called him to check how he was doing.’After that, I realised that he was important to me regardless of our previous relationship.’We share similar passions such as music, and became concert buddies and now catch up regularly for coffee to update each other on our lives.’My current boyfriend has met him and it was a bit awkward when they met, but now they are actually «friends» too. Well, more or less.’Personally, I am friends with two of my exes.James and I had a bad breakup and I started dating someone else shortly after our split, so it took us a few years to get back to a place where we could talk to each other again. replica handbags online

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